Your Modern Vision,
Our Innovative Approach

       Upscale Innovation, Personalized Convenience 

National Footprint

We have a national footprint to do all stocking & maintenance

  • Modern Micro-Markets & Smart Coolers (prevent theft)
  • No costs to you
  • Revenue share potential – Brand Identity across multiple properties
  • No monthly minimums or multi-year contracts


Mini-convenience stores for a quick grab-and-go that provides premium convenience. An engaging shopping experience that goes beyond the limitations of traditional vending. Our markets have the ability to offer more custom food options like salads, subs, calzones,etc. We align with evolving demands, and multiple cameras to encourage honest customers. Micro Markets serve as a perfect option for many of our clients.

* Also offered: Cold Brew and Kombucha on Tap

Smart Machines

The doors are locked so it prevents theft. Further, AI sensors detect which item(s) were taken, and charge you directly without having to scan any items.

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Types of Spaces

Customize Your Space

Vacant office space? Optimize its utility for your business by entrusting us to customize a vending space tailored to your requirements.

Small Spaces

Turn your social lounge wall or conference room nook into a useable amenity.



Premium Spaces

Turn your mailroom, bike-storage, or business center into a space that finally gets utilized